Obama, Messiah or Political implant?

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So, like most African americans world-wide, i was ecstatic and yes, a bit aloof when Obama was rained in the next President of the united states. Mind you, i know that i am not a citizen of the united states, however, i do feel like any change made in the USA will subsequently  affect Canada or “young America’. This realization then leads me to question whether being sucked into the “Obamanism” hype has clouded my eyes to whether this is just another tactic of the elite. Throw something at the masses and they will forget what is important, even if for a moment.  Whats really important here is that regardless of color (however historical and AMAZING!!), he has become the most powerful man in the world and he has to use that power for a good change to fix the mess bush has left behind. My question is will he do this?or will this be another form of hegemony?elite don’t give us what we want but we are pleased because we get something else thats fulfilling at the time?hmmm…well like most of my friends, i will celebrate the extreme step forward for african-americans but i will not forget the duties of the man in power and what he promises to accomplish.


Who would of thunk that i could get better at searching for info online?

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I don’t mean to boast or anything, but before Peggy French from the Mohawk College’s Library Services showed us how to effectively search and navigate the library’s many resources i thaught i was a pro at it. Boy was i ever wrong!  The presentation turned out to be very useful! I had no clue the library had more then just books on the shelves.  Well now i know and i wonder how i ever did assignments without these resources! I also didnt know that librarians did more then just sit at the desks. Man, they have a world of knowledge and since the presentation, they have helped me complete almost all my assignments!

This will help me with my work as a journalism student from now on. I can do more thorough research and access more sources when doing research for any story. I can look at articles and publications relating to any topic, and even view publications from years back. The library’s website also has a variety of useful links that I plan to regularly check when doing research. This is really helped AND is continuing to help, and I plan to use the online library services from now on. I am forever indebted to Peggy!

Heres one of the links she showed the class:  www.infoplease.com – Basically gives you an indepth look at  issues or terms your searching for and some other useful links relating to that term or issue. 

How much information can a human really reach?!?

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It’s a fact, now-a-days we have the opportunity to get ahold of alot more information then ever before. Why you ask? because there are more books and guess what? we have the INTERNET! The internet is a vast array of information just waiting to be recieved by YOU! yes, you. So many networks connect to meet at one source, on your desktop. It’s amazing how much information we can get our hands onto just with the click of a button. You can expierence a whole new world on the internet and see or read what you’ve never before. So go ahead! GET SMARTER!


Reporting just the facts – journalism at its best

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“We know there is a vast morass of information out there that our audiences want us to try to make sense of.  The danger consists in trying to leap above it, not by getting more dramatic or salient or verifiable facts, but by analyzing, speculating, predicting, interpreting – by drawing definitive conclusions while the bodies are still warm.”    Paul Knox, The Globe and Mail

To my understanding this quote means that as journalists we must be truthful and fair. Write the truth, publish the facts, dont take the blemish off the photo…thats what makes the story in the photo a real story. In journalism we face alot of ethical dilemas, thats not the issue though, its how we deal with those dilemas that make us or break us.

Even in journalism classes i myself have already been faced with ethical dilemas that left me not only shocked but at times baffled. Sometimes these dilemas involved the people around me. However, over the course of this year i’ve learned alot about truth and journalistic intergrity. These two things help me make the decisions that i feel are right. Teachers have alot to do with my being truthful too.

So as a journalist of sorts i ask you to watch this video of a reporter caught in a lie and see how bad it makes the reporter AND the station look!

The internet, is it now the supreme medium for news?

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Now-a-days it seems like everything that we do is technolologically linked somehow. Now, even the news may be given online. Think about it. Newstations and papers already have their online sources of news and almost everyone goes to these sites to get the news, i know that i do. I do everything else on the web so i figure, why not read the news? do you think that maybe in a couple of years the news will be confined to net? i certainly do, times are changing and media must change and is changing with it. I’d rather read or watch online news anyway, its much more convienent for me, i guess you can call me a “techy” with my ipod, my mac book, my LG phone and my pocket aganda, its like i have everything i need with me, twisted and turned into a compact to-go kit.

The net has video, print and audio all in one and you can always go back and reference. However, though the internet is a convienience, i do think that sooner or later online news will be a money maker for journalists, pay to listen or watch. That would however defeat the journalistic view of “the people have a right to know,”…even when they can’t afford it?

Heres a linkto an article with a video on how much the internet has affected the way news is being delivered! enjoy!





Does a spek of dirt justify the truth?

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     As a photojournalist, if you were to take a picture of a beautiful flower that had but one flaw, a spekof dirt… what would you do? Would you digitally remove that spek of dirt off that flower assuming that’s what people want to see? or would you leave it there in its original state?

     This is a question of ethics. Is the photo a pure one after the spek has been removed? i think not. Though its just a flower, removing that spek of dirt off of it leaves the flower tampered with…not the truth. The truth is what the camera first sees , not what we want to see.

   If it is ok to remove that speck of dirt off the flower as a photojournalist, then why not change the photoshot of a crime scene? its all the same. I know we may think its just a flower, but where does it all end?…everything starts from somewhere. First it’s the flower then it’s that toppeled chair that’s not quite right at crimescene. We must set boundries for ourselves.

    So yes, a spek of dirt really does justify the truth. Tell a story of truth, not YOUR ideal truth.

Don’t take “it” as a sign of weakness

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Why is it that when someone is quiet they are usually viewed as shy or timid? Thats not a fair assumption. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of “the strong silent type?” i mean really… I’m a quiet one myself,y? because i choose to be. I like to observe and listen but when i do say something, its usually something that needs to be said. It all really depends on the person and the way they carry themselves. I’m quiet but i really don’t want people to see that as a lack of confidence. Confidence is something i have alot of.

What about the William Shakespeares the Obamas and the young Opera Winfreys of our time? i mean they weren’t the biggest conversationalists in their younger days but look at what they have accomplished to date. I remember back in elementary school, i was very silent.I had my friends and i was a happy child. laughther, sleepovers, the whole shabang. However, all that happiness wasn’t enough for my teachers..”something had to be the matter with Rose.”

I realize now that it has to do with the “mystery” of it all, people don’t like you not letting them in, they don’t like you being the least bit different and they take it upon themselves to help you become what they call “normal”. Well what is normal? i think all the little teacher talks and the calling of the parents traumatized me more then anything else.

I guess what i’m trying to say is that everyones different. It may be looks, Personalities…w.e but don’t take that as a bad thing because it may just be that its exactly how they want to be. They are “normal”…just their own type of “normal”.

Whats Your normal? lets see what Chris says,lol…